Friday, August 17, 2012

Racist old guy uses Twitter, CBS to be racist.

Fuck Scott Paulson. 

I wanted to say that so hard in my Examiner article, but I refrained. 

Scott Paulson recently wrote an article for CBS Chicago about how the media isn't brave enough to say that the "flash mob" attacks that have happened (with alarming lack of frequency for how much they have been covered in the first place) are really "race riots."  Youths who seek out a certain race by going to a certain location.  Aka, black kids from the south side who go downtown to rob people of their cellphones.  Race riot.

Now, I take an issue with his conclusion based on, you know, facts.  These are kids who are going after phones (in one of the "flash mob" cases, a woman dropped her phone and some kids stole it.  Her boyfriend tried to get it back, and got beat up.  This is bad, yes, but not a race riot.) or go into stores in Wicker Park and steal jeans.  They go to places where there are nice things or people have nice things, which happens to be the northern parts of the city which happen to be whiter parts of the city, and that means race riot. 

Instead of looking at the precipitate of why the white folks are the ones with the nice things, the nice phones, the nice stores, Paulson jumps to the "black folk are targeting the whites and I am the only one who is brave enough to talk about it!"  which, by the way, is bullshit.  Not only is his argument ass-backwards and racist, but his need to call it race related crimes because no one else is means that he can't use Google.

etc. etc. etc. I'm just on page 2…

The difference between those articles and Paulson's is that those exist on some pretty low key sites.  Sites that are still gross, but minor.  Paulson's article appears on CBS Chicago, a reputable news source and one that is supposed to have some sort of journalistic integrity.  CBS allows an article to go up on their site that then sparks comments that casually throw around the idea of horse whippings all "coloreds" and the word "nigger."  I'm surprised that they would even allow an op-ed like that.  A misrepresentation of your organization is a terrible thing that most outlets try to avoid.  But CBS harbors a racist who writes under the guise of exposing the truth. 

Now, I'm all for Paulson's right to be a raving racist who yells epithets into the void if he so chooses.  There are places for that.  His blog, for instance.  Like I'm doing.  But stirring the already strained racial tensions in a city like Chicago with a major news source should be criminal.  Openly calling for the media to start a race baiting witch hunt against black youth is ridiculous.  But then again, Scott Paulson enjoys the ridiculous.  

I tweet a lot.  Typically in reactions to news stories, much like when CBS tweeted Paulson's.  I may have said  the article was pathetic or something like that.  Unsatisfied with my 140 characters, I tweeted again.  A few weeks later, I got a response.  

He deleted that, and tried again. 

Deleted a second time.  But not before twitter had sent me a screen grab.

First and foremost, I want to say that I have a job.  A couple of them, actually.  But that's beside the point.  This is about someone who is willfully portraying an entire race of people as thugs, then responding to criticism like a four-year-old.  This is about a columnist for CBS (possibly drunkenly) eschewing the issues I had with his article and attacking with tired conservative insults like "get a job."  It's old, it's uninteresting, and it shows what a lack luster mind the original [racist] article came from. 

So what do I want? I want Scott Paulson to apologize for his article.  I want him to issue a formal apology to the City of Chicago for attempting to demonize a third of the city's population, for egging on violent racists, and for being a sleazy creep.   Oh, I also want CBS to never run one of his articles again.  That's really what I want.

If CBS wants to not paint themselves as a new source that actively runs hate speech, plays on racial tensions, and allows crackpots like Scott Paulson to use their name as a pulpit, they will swiftly fire him.  This isn't about censorship.  It's about appropriate places for (wrong, hateful) opinions.  CBS shouldn't be promoting old white men who are afraid of black people, no matter how old their target audience is. 

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong in the comments section, or tell CBS I'm right here.

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