Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Plagiarizer,

This is an actual email sent to an actual person who stole Boom. off of here and handed it in for an assignment. Someone read it, figured this girl wasn't the author, googled a section of it, and found this blog. They then posed as me, emailed said girl, then sent me the responce. I have since emailed the professor, and sent her this

(also, this girl is from a different state. not Columbia.):

Wyl Ryan, Wyl Villacres, all the same person really. But there is a point to why i am messaging you...again... or for the first time... like i said, it's been a weird day.

First off, how do you know Omitted? We were in Omitted together and i havent talked to her in ages. Also, no, it wasnt Omitted that sold you out, nor is it anyone that i'm related to. Just some concerned citizen who is amazing at hunting people down.

Anyway. I know that you were behind in a class, but why did you do it? Why my story? Why at the end of the semester? If it wasnt for credit, why would it matter what you turned in? That was a first draft of that story, and how did you even find my blog? Why did you copy it verbatim? Why didnt you paraphrase? It would be a lie for anyone to say they havent borrowed heavily from a source, but normally a quick edit will prevent anything from traced back.

Do you enjoy reading my blog? Did you actually enjoy the story? In what way is stealing it "giving it a bad name?" if anything, now i can tout how my work has been stolen, which makes it even better. So what are you really sorry for? Is it that you got caught?

I have had two reaction to this whole ordeal. The first is an undeniable happiness and appreciation for what i assume is someone thinking my story is good enough to steal. the other one i would like to take some more of your time with.

I feel used. I feel cheap. I feel like I personally mean nothing, and that my stories are just a cheap trick that can be used to substitute actual intellect. I dont know what you plan to do with your life, but this is my life. I write stories and i want that to be what i do for the rest of my life. I live and breathe short stories, i pour a part of myself into each and every one of them, and i try to live through them. Taking it, changing it's title to something awful (the blind date? really?) and putting your name on it is like cutting out a part of my soul. Not one part of that story wasn't pulled directly from my life, soul, and mind, and you cast that all to the side in order to turn in an assignment. Up to this point, after 3 revisions and a night of heavy drinking in order to finalize the story, i had called Boom. my favorite. I was writing the cover letter in order to get it published, and have five different publishers on my short list. This doesn't bode well for that. It hinders my progress with it, not only by being out there under a different title and name, but by me having to deal with this all. I hope you really do understand how inexcusable your actions have been. I hope you never steal anything ever again. No assignments, no make up, no kisses, nothing.

There is justice in the universe, there is no hiding from it. I hope that when it finds you, it pities you, and has mercy. And i hope you will figure out a penance for your audacity, and make things right for yourself.

-the real Wyl Villacres

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