Sunday, February 21, 2010

Redeye'd liar spitting dreams of fire

It's been a while since he's vomited up a call for attention by calling other out. The doubt that wreaked havoc on his mind was squelched by an over active need for sympathy, coupled with a hope that someday, maybe someday, he wouldn't be so fucking needy. When he sat by the apple to his worm (a beautiful reminder of the downfall of man, being pitted by earth's worthless defender and creator) he was reminded of the universe, he was reminded of his eminent demise and the eventual meeting with his savior. But when he asked her what would happen to them after the rapture, she dropped her voice low.

"I'm not going to follow when you go. I plan to spend eternity arm in arm with a man who loves me unconditionally. A man who encourages me to enjoy my time instead of planning for a future that I cant be sure of. "

Regretting having asked he passed the subject while looking to find a way to empty his Adam in her garden. The more time she spent inside his head the more he longed to feel her bed on his spine, drinking her blood of wine, feeling her from behind, grinding on satin sheets until he fell asleep. The more time she spent beside him the more he had to fight his desires, put out the devils fires, deny he'd be a liar after speaking God's own word. The longer she knew she had his mind, the more she wanted to have his flesh, looking for away to make his devotion to the ever after a disaster. She wanted to ruin his faith, not because she cared but to take revenge for all the men that ever hurt her, draped in cloth or spitting Leviticus, it didn't matter who he was.

The day came that she rang his doorbell in a physical act of vandalism, the smell of their violence emptied into the hallway. And while he was lost in pit of passion, his mind was acting in a fashion that demanded a better understanding, but blinded by the revelation that salvation might not soon be waiting for him, he didnt have time to think of what he was doing.

When she left him cold and alone, five boards floating above his head, he realized he would never see her again. His eyelids became too heavy and his faith was lost in an instant. He had no reason to stop believing but it felt better not needing a bleeding heart...

a heathens fresh start.

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